Checklist For Evaluating Your Training Program

Just like change is inevitable from the vending machine similarly training programs in companies are inevitable. They are bound to happen for constantly changing demand of the market.

So when you are up for a training program, then you have to keep in mind that it should be close to perfect. Training programs are continuously happening, and employees are getting the benefit but just step back for a minute and think if you are actually providing what is needed in the program. 

Training Program Evaluation Checklist

Yes at times you have to evaluate what you are giving in. So when you are evaluating a training program then do take into account certain elements:

Evaluating Training Program:

When you are providing a training and development program then do think about these essential elements to evaluate it:


First thing first, you need to check if the training provided consistently. This means that all employees are getting the same type of training and at regular intervals. It is expected to allocate specific time for employees training every month so that they are continuously developing new skills.

For example, while being in the Dubai market, you need to train your employees' skill as per the requirement and the demand of the market. Thus corporate training in Dubai provides those required consistent services as per the need of the market.

Personal and company’s goals:

The next thing you should be considered in evaluating the training program is goals for training. Each employee will come to training with a personal goal, but the company or the training department should be able to tie the personal goals with the organizational goals.

The content of the training:

Another essential element to check for understanding the quality of your training programs is the quality of the content.

The content has to be neutral and non-discriminatory so that participants do not feel awkward. Anything which is making personal, ethnic or racial discrimination should be deleted right away because there is nothing worst that workplace discrimination even when it is in the training room.  

Ask for feedback:

This element is often undervalued because people do not think that feedback will add to anything. However, feedback will help the program be more effective and incorporate a suggestion from the employee point of view.

The feedback will also give a sense of engagement and inclusion to the employees. They will be more active during the training program.

Use technology:

Another vital element to consider for the training program is the use of technology. This means you have to stay connected to the developing the world. The programs have become more digitized and interest of the employees.

Thus check if your training program has integrated technology and what your participants have to say about it.

Final thoughts:

There is a dire need to evaluate your training programs which means you have to keep a check on that if they are right on track or not.

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